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Sentimental, Eccentric, Real



We are Justin and Vy, the team behind The Right Moments Photography.

We love Disney, we love fairy-tale and we love good stories of LOVE. This is why we do what we do – photographing LOVE.

We are sentimental, we would cry when watching emotional movies or listening to good old stories. You may find us tearing up behind the lens when listening to the vows or during touching speeches. During those moments, we feel truly lucky to be there and capture those moments to help you relive your memories.

As a husband-and-wife, we know how important photography is for our wedding. A wedding is a celebration of our love, our story, a once-in-a-lifetime occasion for us. We want to ensure all the special moments are captured and preserved - the beautiful first look, the intimate first kiss to the memorable celebration with our beloved families and friends. Thus, we are excited to do the same for you!


The Right Moments Team




As a professional photographer and an artist, I constantly strive to push my boundaries to create fine art work capturing the feelings and special moments in life. I like to create both timeless portraits as well documentary the real candid moments, the genuine relationships and the beauty of human souls.




I am a lifelong learner, a degree collector, an active volunteer and a fan of Harry Potter and Big Bang Theory (who doesn’t love Sheldon :P). I am excited to hear about your stories, whether it is love-at-first-sight, another-chance-meet-up or the mundane day-to-day life!




I am a handsome, cute, and playful sheepadoodle. My job is to entertain everyone who come to visit my pawrents' studio and I think I am doing a great job in making everyone happy! Woof woof!!

P/S: I am also available for cuddling if you need some stress relief from all the wedding planning ;)



Our love story and our adventure started in 2011.

Since then, we have been traveled over fifteen different countries across three continentals. Wherever we go, we want to have our memories documented and captured beautifully.



our values & PROMISES


We value our couples who put their trust in us to capture their lifetime memories.

We value real relationships.

We value each other - LOVE is more than just the fleeting moments; it is a long journey that two will walk together. We want to grow old together and to be surrounded by our loved ones. Our lives have been lucky as we continue to receive support by many people. And we know that is what connects us with our couples - they cherish their beloved families and friends who are there to celebrate this special day.



We truly care about our couples’ weddings.

We invest greatly in each of our couples as they invest in us.

As a married couple ourselves, we know how important wedding photography is for our couples as it was for us. We only take a limited number of weddings in order to provide our couples with the best experience – from getting to know their style, their relationship, to helping them with the wedding planning along the way. With much experience, we know what needs to be done to have the wedding captured beautifully under any situations. We consider ourselves as an extension of the bridal party and an awesome one.❤️



We are proud of our work and what we provide to our couples.

We want our couples to have the most beautiful images that capture the authenticity of their relationships and also the best wedding experience.

We believe in hard-work and continuous development, both personally and professionally. We constantly invest in our business and education to improve our service and deliver the best for our couples. We are approved members of several prestige and well-known organizations such as WPPI and Fearless Photographers and many of our work have been featured in various publications. Our goal is to add our own touch of magic to make the wedding day even more magical.


What is your story?

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